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Jenny And Zig

Married for a little over 7 years now, Jenny and Zig knew everything about each other. Zig knows all her favorite books and the ones she hated. He knows she gets cold easily. Even in the summertime, she likes sleeping with pajama pants on and a quilt. And so Zig puts out a clean pair of pajama pants on top of a neatly folded quilt, every night, for Jenny.

2 years ago, Jenny learned something new that Zig has not picked up on: If she wore pants to bed and covered herself with a quilt, chances are Zig wouldn’t “be in the mood.”

Zigs asleep. Jenny’s still up. This is no different than most nights…

She has trouble falling asleep lately. Guilt and anxiety from her latest affair keep her mind racing for hours every night.

Jenny’s first marriage lasted only four years before an affair with a next door neighbor ended it. Her first husband got half of her assets. Plus, she’s still paying him alimony.

A second divorce would devastate her financially and professionally. Divorce wasn’t an option.

She remembers that Jay will be over tomorrow for lunch while Zig’s at work. A pleasing thought. Finally, Jenny starts to relax and falls asleep … with the quilt covering her from shoulder to toe…

The next morning, Zig heads to work. Jay calls Jenny to give her some bad news. “They’re letting him go at the end of the day. I’m sorry. We’ll talk more when I see you in a couple hours.”

“Hey, Zig. I gotta meet a client for lunch. I should be back by 1:30.”

Jay is Zig’s manager.

“Sounds good, Jay. See you later.”

An hour later, and with Jay not expected to return for another hour, Zig needs to go into Jay’s office to look for a design they worked on together. The sound of a Skype message comes from Jay’s computer; it’s Jay’s boss, Tom. Tom’s message reads:

“Jay… the annual budget is due today. I don’t know why you thought it was due Friday. You have to tell Zig today that it’s his last day.”

Zig is speechless. Literally. A coworker came into the office surprised to see Zig in there, and Zig booked it. He’s headed home.

It was a 20-minute drive, so he had time to calm down. He recognizes Jay’s car in the driveway…

“Zig! Why are you here right now? Shouldn’t you be at work??” Jenny and Jay got caught having lunch…but…

“Jay, I appreciate you coming here to break the news to my wife. Jenny, I was let go today…”

There’s at least one more mind-racing, guilt and anxiety-filled, pajama pants and quilt night for Jenny…


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